Underwood Carpet is truly passionate about tile, laminate, & hardwood. As experts in the industry, and one of the largest importers of tile. Underwood Carpet is proud to offer an extensive selection of carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, commercial flooring, and so much more. Underwood Carpet provides inspiration for any budget, and will help create a look that is uniquely yours.

Quality Tile

Providing a varied selection of tile and tile designs to flooring. Rustic or stone-looking tiles are extremely popular because they fit in with any decor and are excellent at hiding dirt. Marbleized tiles lend a more formal look. Tumbled marble is a timeless look that fits with many different styles. White "subway" tiles are still just as popular as ever. Newer products such as glass and metal tiles are now frequently used in conjunction with ceramic tile and natural stone to create a unique and striking installation. 

  • Porcelain / Ceramic

Ceramic tile and porcelain tile are products that come from a traditional and efficient production method-kiln firing. Our ceramic tiles and porcelain are offered in a number of series, colors and sizes that make it possible for you to realize your design goals. Our choice is ceramic and porcelain, it brings a reliable durability to your interiors.

  • Natural Stone

Natural stone has been popular for use on floors for centuries and for very good reason. Stone tile brings the colors and texture of nature to our homes and adds a quality and warmth to a room that's not possible with any other material.

  • Other Choices

Every day, we are exploring new materials that expand your choices for flooring options. We have options ranging from cork to recycled concrete to glass tiles that are all made specifically for flooring applications. Come in to our showroom to learn more about these new and exciting options.

Tile Tips

  • Do you want the elegance of Marble, but don't want to worry about everyone walking on it and or don't want to spend that much money? Use ceramic tile on the main floor, and put a border around the room using the elegant Marble!
  • Do you have a big stain on your carpet under your dining room table? cut a diamond or rectangular shape out of the carpet(removing the stain) Directly underneath the table. Install tile or stunning marble in its place!
  • Trying to find a way to add some pizzazz or a finished look to your room? A tile, marble, granite or stone base may do the trick!

Whether you're looking for the beauty and durability of natural stone tile, the refinement of ceramic tile, or the elegance of solid or engineered wood flooring of solid or engineered wood flooring, Give us a call today!

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