Hardwood flooring selection guide

Traditional unfinished planks are still the best hardwood flooring choice. The planks enhance the flooring system in your home and much more. Installers place the boards close together and then seal them well. Thus, this type of wood flooring is ideal for kitchens as well as any moisture-free room. Solid hardwood flooring is also available in prefinished brands, and if solid wood does not suit your application, engineered wood may be just right. Heritage Hardwood Floors in Plano, Texas, offers all three types of wood flooring.

Prefinished solid hardwood
Whereas unfinished planks take up to two weeks to install, including acclimation, prefinished planks are installed in one day. Factory-applied finishes are stronger than finishes that are applied by installers. Therefore, finish warranties are usually extended when the factory sands, stains, and seals the planks. There is one big difference between the two types of wood flooring. A floor finished on-site has a flush look. When a floor is constructed of prefinished solid hardwood, it has a beveled look.

Engineered hardwood
An engineered wood floor includes a surface layer of hardwood, which looks like a solid wood floor. However, this flooring can be used for different applications than solid hardwood because of the base layer. The base is made up of many layers of plywood that are situated in different directions. Because of this makeup, engineered wood is water-resistant. Further, planks usually interlock so a floating floor can be constructed. Engineered hardwood, therefore, can be installed over cement slabs and existing hard surface flooring.

Underwood Carpets & Floorcovering is a hardwood flooring company that installs all three types of wood flooring. In addition to residential and commercial installation, we offer a huge inventory, free in-home estimates, and next-day installations. We look forward to assisting you with your hardwood flooring upgrade. From our showroom in Sandy, UT, we have been serving Salt Lake City, Park City, Draper, and Cottonwood Heights for over 20 years.