Three FAQs about hardwood flooring

Three FAQs about hardwood flooring

If you’re looking forward to brand-new solid hardwood flooring, you’ll have plenty of decisions to make before the actual installation takes place. These products are some of the easiest to customize, and we’ll make sure your needs are met.

The more you know about your options before shopping, the better decisions you'll make when you buy. Here are three critical questions and their answers to get you started.

1. Is hardwood flooring durable?

These products offer impressive durability, especially with suitable species, finish, and sealant choices. This personalization is one of the many areas where customization is worth your time, especially for wood flooring.

2. Can I install my hardwood floors?

We recommend only professional installation for these materials because of the many unique tools needed to complete the job. Even with experienced technicians, it can still take days or weeks to complete the installation.

3. How long will wood flooring last?

Choosing all the suitable options for your new floors, combined with professional installation, can bring lifespans that exceed 100 years. The best care and upkeep can add a few years to the lifespan, and we'll tell you all about it when you choose your wood flooring.

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